Team Board of Directors


A social network. A CDN.
A streaming app.
Introducing the common denominator.

Amelia Miller Amelia Miller

Amelia Miller

Recruitment & Event Coordinator

Amy Short Amy Short

Amy Short

Billing Support

Austin Musice Austin Musice

Austin Musice

Director of Application Development

Brad Beard Brad Beard

Brad Beard

Vice President of Global Support and Compliance

Brandon Ashley Brandon Ashley

Brandon Ashley

Web Developer

Brian Drehoff Brian Drehoff

Brian Drehoff

iOS Developer

Bronson Tubb Bronson Tubb

Bronson Tubb

VP of Engineering

Chance Brannen Chance Brannen

Chance Brannen


Claudio Toffoli Claudio Toffoli

Claudio Toffoli

Senior Systems Engineer

Diana Ivanova Diana Ivanova

Diana Ivanova

Jr. Office Administrator

Eric Tarr Eric Tarr

Eric Tarr

Vice President of Finance

Gabe Miller Gabe Miller

Gabe Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Javier Lopez Javier Lopez

Javier Lopez

Systems Administrator

Jeff Elwell Jeff Elwell

Jeff Elwell


Josh Gagliardi Josh Gagliardi

Josh Gagliardi

EVP, Data Engineering & Analytics

Lance Alligood Lance Alligood

Lance Alligood

BI Engineer

Luke Sarris Luke Sarris

Luke Sarris

Email Marketing Manager

Mikel Sulanjaku Mikel Sulanjaku

Mikel Sulanjaku

Senior Full Stack Developer

Rochelle Free Rochelle Free

Rochelle Free

Technical Project Manager

Scott Munger Scott Munger

Scott Munger

Chief Operations Officer

Shae Reed Shae Reed

Shae Reed

Project Manager

Shane Finerty Shane Finerty

Shane Finerty

Systems Administrator

Steve Miller Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Trey Fisher Trey Fisher

Trey Fisher

VP and General Counsel