About Us

Omicron’s mission is to build products that make the internet better for all.

Omicron is a seasoned team of technologists, business strategists, finance wizards, marketers, engineers, and network architects who build, scale and manage large multi-protocol online companies. We have a long history of creating high-performing products for consumer and enterprise in the HTTP, NNTP, network, online storage, and security arenas.

Our roots go way back to early Internet days when we developed the software that powers the USENET, the world’s first social network.

The businesses created from that platform are still going strong today and creates the stability from which all our innovation originates. We leveraged that early USENET codebase to create a broad range of businesses including a massive content delivery network which delivers terabits of online video, games, and live streaming for the world’s most well-known media companies like Steam, Xbox, and Viacom. To carry all that data, we created from scratch a global IP network backbone. We then leveraged the IP network to create a VPN online privacy/security product that is being used globally by consumers and businesses to protect their internet activity. Over the years, we have acquired and integrated more than 12 online businesses, and raised more than $1 billion in financing for our efforts.

After a recent corporate reorganization, Omicron has emerged as an innovation incubator of scalable platform-based products leveraging our team’s experience to create the next generation of revolutionary and disruptive global online services.

Our headquarters are located just outside of sunny Orlando, Florida, with additional offices in Phoenix, and Amsterdam.


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  • Secured Connectivity
  • Halogen